Please keep the box the Chromebook arrived in a safe place and good condition. It is the best way to ship it.

GCVS will pay the cost of one attempt to ship a Chromebook to you or from you back to us. Unfortunately, we have had folks lose so many return labels and the School still has to pay the cost, even if the label isn't used. We now ask that if you lose a label sent for return shipping or allow it to expire, that you cover the return cost. We also highly recommend you insure the returned Chromebook for $400 with the shipping company. An uninsured Chromebook that is damaged in shipping will be billed to you. 

A school owned Chromebook that is not returned to the School will result in being asked to pay the full replacement cost.

The cost to ship a Chromebook within Massachusetts with $400 in insurance is anywhere from $17 to $23 via UPS

Please return it to:


IT Department

238 Main St

3rd Floor

Greenfield, MA 01301