We use HP Chromebook 14, Chromebooks which are designed for an educational environment. This does not mean they are designed to withstand directed abuse. Care should be taken to treat our Chromebooks with respect. 

  • Keep them off of the floor. Stepping on them will likely break the screen. 
  • If you are moving them from place to place, do so with care. Dropping them is likely to break the case or the screen.
  • Keep drinks away from them.
  • Don't use them on beds or sofas (it's amazing how many we see have fallen from these locations). They can also be accidentally laid or kneeled on.
  • Don't allow other people to handle the Chromebook. You are ultimately responsible for what happens to your student's assigned Chromebook while it is in your care and others may not be as careful as you or your student. 

We do realize that sometimes things happen and will review first time accidental breakage compassionately. This does not apply to deliberate damage (for example the keyboard is designed to be spill and pick resistant, it takes some determination to pull a key off, so missing keys are almost always treated as deliberate damage). 

For repeat damage by the same student however, we will bill you for repairs. This can be any where from $50 up to $400 for full replacement of a Chromebook. For completely destroyed or lost Chromebooks, you will be billed their replacement price. Remember that you as the adult are ultimately responsible for what happens with your student's Chromebook.

Do not take a Chromebook apart or attempt a repair. If a Chromebook has been tampered with, you will be billed the full replacement price. Our repair depot will not service Chromebooks that have been opened by anyone else.


In order to start the process to replace the Chromebook please open a ticket, or send an email to support@gcvs.org. Unfortunately, we can no longer send a replacement Chromebook out before we get the broken one back. We will send a single UPS label for return shipping. We no longer replace lost labels as the School has to pay for those labels whether or not they are used.