Federal and Massachusetts state laws require that we have content filters and monitoring on School owned computers accessed by Students. We make use of an excellent content filter system and use active computer review for activity of "red flag" terms in search and websites, as well as spot checks by a live person.

We do filter based on specific categories, blocking material that is known for causing issues in Schools, such as social media, mature content- as is found on Reddit, eBaumsWorld, and Victorias's Secret, or explicit content such as pornography. No content filter is perfect. They can capture sites that may have legitimate educational use as well as miss sites that should be blocked. If you find any of these please submit a ticket or email support@gcvs.org with the URL so we can review it. 

There is no content filter made that will be completely effective and nothing is a substitute for an engaged Parent or Guardian monitoring and discussing their student's activity online. 

We recognize that students will bump up against the content filter from time to time and this poses no problem. The system however is able to identify attempts to skirt the filter and will flag accounts for review. We get a full report of searches, sites visited and which pages and searches were blocked for each student account. Remember these are school owned devices and students should have no expectation of privacy on them. They are intended purely for education. A good rule of thumb to tell students is not to do anything on these devices that they wouldn't want their Family or Guardians to know about. Violations of the School Acceptable Use policy are subject to disciplinary action. 

Do not allow other people to use the Student's Chromebook as we must assume that all activity is made by the Student. 

Above is a sample of what the activity overview looks like on a Student account.